Dual life..

“The great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone different to everybody.”-

-Jennifer Niven , all the bright places

If you think about it, we all have dual life. When we were kids we were different people in front of family and with friends.

Its is only now that I have started to feel the need to have a dual life. Not just dual but multiple lives. I am a kind of person who likes solitude and also likes to loose himself in EDMs. I have a thirst for adventure,too.

The difficulty which I face is that I don’t find people to accompany me. I can surely go solo on these things. And I have done it, too. But it doesn’t feel right to do these things alone. It somehow pulls me back.

I feel the need to have friends specific to these areas. To be part of a group which truly likes to go adventuring. And similar groups for other things. But here is where the problem starts where and how to find such people?Is there someone with all these colours in one?

Do you feel the same. Do you feel that these multiple lives and the people in it should be kept separate to some extent. Let me know!

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  1. Shagufta Gurmukhdas says:

    I feel ya! But I think it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mutually exclusive set of people. there’s gonna be some overlaps and some new things to enjoy. In the end all that matters is you enjoy with the friends you meet along the way ❤ That said, i've travelled solo for a majority of my life within and outside India, and totally loved it. 🙂 Similarly for a lot of other things I enjoy, I just do it. But that might have something to do with the type of a person too, introvert vs extrovert.

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